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I was eating dinner when my father gave me a call saying that they’re gonna be in Bacolod (where my apartment is) within 2 days. The call ended with our decision of me going home with them(which is really really far). My parents went to Bacolod for a vacation and not really with the intention of picking us up so my brother and I went with them on their vacation. Here are the 3 places we’ve visited along the way.

941565_10200089209778408_1276253796_nThis is our family car. It’s the Ford Everest Limited Edition. It’s very spacious and comfortable. It can handle rough roads or any mountain-like roads.






First stop was in Bearland Resort, Tigbajuan, Iloilo city.

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It’s really a great place to unwind and relax. The pool is overlooking the beach. The place has a good ambiance. It’s very clean and quiet. The prices are expensive though but it’s worth it.

Second was in Campuestohan Highland Resort, Talisay, Bacolod city


The place is outlooking the view of Bacolod. You can watch the sunset from up there. The road going up there is bumpy and a bit long but there’s a shortcut going there. They have cottages or rooms where you can spend the night. It’s a good place to spend quality time with your friends or family. The place is packed with fun.

For those who want to commute: Take a Shopping, Northbound Terminal jeep then transfer to Talisay jeep then ask the driver to take you where you can ride a Barangay Concepcion jeep. Ask the driver of the Brgy.Concepcion jeep to take you to where you can ride a tricycle to Campuestohan Highland Resort.

For those who have a private car, take the shortcut in Granada.

Also you can request the service going to Campuestohan wherein the price is P100 per person. Never ride a taxi going there, they demand an expensive price.

The entrance fee is P150 per person.

Next stop was already in Mindanao: 7 falls, Lake Sebu, Surallah,South Cotabato



They have 7 waterfalls that you have to see but the best experience is the zipline adventure. It’s highest zipline in Southeast Asia. The fun was incomparable. The price for the zipline is P350 per person, but you will experience the zipline twice.

The 2nd picture is actually taken on our road going to 7 falls,Lake Sebu. This is in their roundball. You can just find this in the middle of the road so be careful in crossing to get here.LOL!

The 3rd and 4th picture is taken near their restaurant. You have to climb up to get there but the food is tasty. Never forget to order their “Chicharong tilapia” .

The waterfalls behind me on the 3rd picture is the 2nd falls. Though far, the vapor touches us because of the strong impact of water from a very high distance to the ground.


This is the 2nd falls. After the zipline, you can just walk to get here. The falls was too high that the vapor reached us at the top, near the restaurant.

It’s a fun place for the adventurous persons. Also try to stay fit before going here to experience the full fun.

On our way we also had some great experiences from different hotels and restaurants that I would really love to share:


When staying in Ilo2 with a group of friends or family, choose Grand Tower Hotel located near Atrium Mall or in front of Avon. They have clean rooms with affordable prices and great staffs.This room we got is located on the 7th floor so we had a great view of Iloilo and their pier.

If you’re a tourist and wants the best hotel regardless of its price, choose Amigo Terrace hotel, its the best hotel in Iloilo. They have comfortable, clean and classy rooms. The breakfast is appetizing with its wide variety of food you can choose from. They have rice meals, cereals, bread, salad and many more for breakfast.


The accommodations are worth it. The staff are welcoming and greets you with a smile. See more of this great hotel on their own website:

Seafood Island Restaurant is a fun way to dine. They have a group package where you can Boodle fight. It is where the food is placed on banana leaves and your gonna eat without using a plate. In Bacolod, it is located in Ayala Mall (North District)

This is what it will look like after you eat.


This is the view when you eat in Breakthrough, Villa, Iloilo city. They serve good tasting and fresh foods. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you want some seafoods for lunch or dinner. They also have the best pinoy foods.


This was an unexpected summer adventure I had with my family. We weren’t complete though, because my older sister is working but we tried to make the most of it getting the best out of every place we can stop by. My family and I became closer because of this. We experienced fun and some problems during this trips which made us know each other more and made our love for each other grow deeper. When we got home, my time for my sister and her family was priceless.

Thank you God for this great summer vacation I had with my family. Our family was complete again and everything went better than expected coz my expectations are usually different form God’s plan. God is the Master of Surprises. ❤ ❤


Most patients in the emergency room complaint of being the first to arrive but last to attend to. For those who haven’t experienced being in the emergency room, here’s a heads up.

In the Emergency room, the medical practitioners follow what they call a ‘triage’. In simple terms, who is most likely to die first will be the first we attend to. It’s pretty much like that.

Supposing you arrived with a deep cut on your wrist. Then after a few minutes, someone with asthma who barely couldn’t breath arrived. Expect that they will attend to the one who has a problem with breathing, the asthma patient.

You see, a patient who can’t breath will most likely die if not attended to immediately. 10 minutes of delay can already lead to coma or what you usually call ‘brain dead’.  Not only the brain can be damaged but also other organs. Decrease oxygenation will kill the cells in an organ, causing more damage. More delays will lead to the patient’s death.

If you have a cut in the wrist, it may take you hours to die. Persons with amputated hands survive. Putting pressure on the site or you can also use ice packs, can stop the bleeding while you wait as they attend to other patients. You’re body has platelets which will eventually help in lessening blood loss.

Unlike other establishments, Emergency rooms are not always fist come, first serve basis. The medical practitioners have enough knowledge on who to attend first. Screaming and complaining won’t really help you there. You also have to start trusting the nurses and staffs working there.

I hope this could help to lessen the screaming and complaints in the ER.

Surprise ideas for lovers

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First of all, it’s a surprise so never give a hint.

1) Classy petals everywhere. Reserve a hotel room as early as you can. Set it up by throwing rose petals around the room. At the center (usually the bed) put a personalized cake with a gift. Balloons are a plus. Try to team up with the hotel staffs by telling them your plan. Tell your girlfriend your gonna look into rooms of a hotel then the front desk will give your keys to a staff and lead you to your room.

2) True friends. Buy a dozen flowers. Find 11 guy friends and a few girls with magical voices. Ask her friends to bring her to the spot you wish, preferably somewhere public. Now, let the girls with magical voices sing to her your song. While they are singing, let your 11 guy friends give her the rose, one by one. The 12th rose will be brought by you.

3)Christmas party special. Find the person who got her name for the exchange of gifts activity. When the part wherein they will describe the one they’re gonna give their gifts to,has started, prepare for your cue. Before the person will give his/her gift to your girlfriend, he/she will introduce a mystery men (that’s you). Enter the party with flowers and gifts and give a short speech of your love for her.

4)Facebook overload. Ask your friends to post pictures of them greeting both of you on that special occasion. Make a photo collage with you at the center holding a cardboard with your greetings as the biggest picture and your friends around it.

5)Word flashing video effect. Write down the things you wanna say. Transfer it on small papers with approximately 3-5 word per paper. Start recording a video with you saying nothing but just flashing those words.Prepare the order and time of when you’re gonna flash a paper with your words.  Edit it and add your song as the background. Post it on her facebook.

6)Mind breaker. For those who have a strong memory. Make a scrap book with your photos together. Arrange it as a timeline. Put photos where important events happened such as where you first met, when she said yes, your first date, first tickets to the movies together, etc. Add words such as how you felt on that moment.

7)Away together. If you have lots of money. Tell her your gonna visit a friend and beg her to come with you.Reserve a room in a resort hotel. Preferably where it is quiet and relaxing. Arrange a spa or massage for both of you. Find the spot where you both can see the sunset together. Reminisce on what your relationship had gone through and how much you love each other.

8)Christmas lights without Christmas. Set up at your mom’s garden or ask to whoever has a garden. Set it up with Christmas lights around it. Have the dinner prepared. The Christmas lights should be the only light you have for the dinner. Call her and pretend that your in pain and needs her to buy medicine and deliver it on that house. When she arrives at the garden, you are standing with the flowers in your hand.

9)Intermission Number You. If there’s a program on your school or work place and everyone is obliged to watch, volunteer to have an intermission number. Sing her favorite song, before ending, walk to her and give her a rose. If you can’t sing, just start with saying on the microphone that what you’ll be presenting is dedicated to her then end your intermission number with a rose then walk to her and give it to her, go up the stage and bow,now exit.

10)Sticky notes room. Ask her room mate to let you borrow her keys. When she’s away, fill her room or side of the bed with sticky notes with words of endearment or compliments or just things you love about her. If you run out of things to say, use pick up lines. Place a dozen of rose on her bed.

I am working at (online job), I have met a lot of persons who have experienced working at this site.

Now, my church mates need money to raise for a Convergence which will help them and their passion for Christ to be stronger as they walk with God throughout their life. Some of them decided to try working at odesk so I decided to make this blog for them. In here I have my own opinionated guidelines and insight when working at odesk as a beginner.

1) Of course, you have to sign up as a contractor. Go to the tab ‘wallet‘ and set up your withdrawal transfer. Local Funds Transfer is the cheapest choice to choose.

2) If you don’t have a bank account yet, choose Union Bank as they are the only bank who doesn’t have additional charges when using PayPal. Other banks have different additional charges.

3) When filling out the form for the withdrawal funds, make sure that your name on the form is the same with your name at odesk. If you do not want your full name to be exposed in odesk for privacy reasons,you can always choose an option wherein your last name can just appear as an initial (this is on the sign up page). Names that doesn’t match with your bank account may cause delays.

4) In choosing a job at the ‘Find job‘ tab. You can look at the lower part of the post if the person who posted that was able to make payments on the previous job they offered. If you have already clicked the job post, look at the right side,it shows how much that person has already spent in odesk.

5) Do not apply to jobs which does not have a verified payment method.

6) If you want assurance of payment, apply in hourly jobs. In applying for fixed-price jobs, make sure the client has made previous payments.

7) Upon payment of the customer, it will appear on your wallet as ‘pending‘. Don’t be alarmed. It means that the client has made a payment, it just have to go through the odesk processes. Expect withdrawing of money after 2 weeks. Wednesday.

8) A notification will be sent to you if your declined or accepted in a job. If a client messaged you, it will show on the tab ‘My Job‘ under ‘Active Candidacies‘. It means that they’re kinda like interviewing for the job. If below the message it say ‘Go to Job application‘ ,don’t! Unless you want to make your price higher or lower. Just wait for the client to hire you. It will appear on your notification.

9) This isn’t really a guideline,i just want to include it. There are jobs wherein they prefer Filipinos, just type ‘Filipino’ at the search bar.

Now, you’re good to go! Start working. Start earning. And never forget to enjoy your work! God bless you!