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giving us what weWe have a lot of things that we want and are not sure if we can have it. Sometimes we pray so hard for something we really want like a job, promotion, new shoes, wardrobe refills, etc. Some things that we are aware of or we think would make us really happy if we have it but since we can’t, we ask the Lord of Provisions, God.

new shirts, pants, shoes, accessories etc. makes me happy. I love fashion and it makes me feel more confident. As time pass, everything becomes expensive that I couldn’t afford even just 1 shirt. A few days after receiving Jesus as my lord and Savior, God blessed me with a new pair of shoes. It was the shoes I’ve been looking for for months. By the next month(December),I wasn’t expecting anything as exchanging of gifts wasn’t really practiced in our family during that season and I’m used of not receiving any gifts during that season. Yet God still blessed me with 4 new shirts, new shoes, new pants, new bible and the best of all, a big mashimaro stuff toy and a small one. Mashimaro is my favorite and I rarely see stuff toys being sold here. I once thought of hoping to find a small one but it wasn’t a big deal for me but when God blessed me with that big stuff toy, i was leaping with joy.

After a few months I tried applying to this job in a company I’ve always dreamt of, I applied but wasn’t hired because of a problem in my requirements. I was troubled as to how I can support myself financially but this time, God gave me a big promise: He said “I will sustain you, I will supply your every need just fix your eyes on me.”

God had been blessing me so much. I had many things I wanted and never thought I could have but this time it’s not just about my want that He will give but what I need. Though confused and scared, I obeyed Him. I was amazed how God blessed me through many persons. The food on our table was overflowing that sometimes they would just expire and we have to throw some of them. God supported me financially!

Also, after a few weeks my father gave me a call saying they’re coming here in Bacolod for a vacation and will pick us up in going back to our hometown (which is really really far). Got restored my relationship with my family. He sustained me emotionally, especially in handling things. The joy in my heart was incomparable.

This could be a really long post if I write all the things God has blessed me with but to sum it all: God knows whats in our hearts. There are many things we hide from Him yet He still sees it. We have desires in our hearts that sometimes we are not aware. As we allow ourselves to build a relationship with God,we become closer and closer to Him. God doesn’t only reward us based on what we do but because He is gracious. God can bless you more and give you more than what you want because He digs into your heart. Do not force God to bless you with something you want; Trust in Him, He knows what is best for you because He knows your heart. He can heal you, restore you, purify you, etc. It may not be what’s in your mind or feel comfortable in the beginning that’s why we always have to trust Him and continuously seek Him.

By the way, the company i mentioned above gave me a call back weeks ago and invited me to re-apply. And I was hired. I’ll start working on this company I’ve always dreamed of ,this Monday. Thank you God for your grace! To God be all the glory!


We are created to love and be loved; Yet love comes with a price. When we love we are putting are hearts at risk of getting hurt, frustrated, depressed or even broken. Many relationships break because they can’t stand their partner or their partner couldn’t give them the love and affection they are longing.; their partner just don’t complete them as they expect. There are relationships worth fighting and loving without expecting is one of the solution to make that vow of ’til death do us apart’ possible.

gods_love3Since we are created to be loved, we need to experience the perfect love in order for us to stop longing for more. The perfect love is found in Jesus Christ. Truth is, he could have just said no to the cross but he thought of you and me. He even prayed for us before being handed over for crucifixion. God’s love is too perfect that no one could ever top it. If you lack fatherly love, true friends, motherly love, love from a lover, etc. God can do all of that. He can be your father, friends, lover, redeemer, comforter, etc.

By allowing God to be in your everyday life, you will know His love for you better. Reading the Bible is important and will let you know Him more and prevent misunderstandings of how God works. Through His perfect love, you can love without expecting from anyone. Those missing parts of your heart will be filled in by God. You will be complete.

When you are already soaked in God’s love, you will no longer expect too much from others. God is eternal while everything on earth is temporary. You will learn to love without expecting and even start accepting.

As you experience God’s love in your everyday life, you will also be transformed as you become more and more like Christ. You will be able to love the unlovable. As God shows you His love, you will also be able to show this love He is giving you to everyone.

Through God’s unconditional love, you will also learn how to love unconditionally. And since your no longer incomplete, your demands and longing will also be gone. You will gain contentment in life. Only in God can we surrender in which we will gain. There are many things to be gained from God not because we deserve it but because He is gracious.

God’s grace and blessings in our life is overflowing. Though we ignore His words and commandments, He continues to bless us.

Remember when you did something really bad then you see the consequence Non-Jewish-Blue-eyed-Jesuscoming closer and closer, then you prayed so hard to God to let you off-the-hook and if He will, you will attend the mass every day, pray every night, be good to your parents, etc. but after God granted it, you only did your promise for a few days until every other day, until you forgot about it. On your next problem, God is still there. Though you ignore and reject Him, He continues to love you. He is always there for you, to comfort, forgive and bless. Wouldn’t it be great to make God smile once in a while? Here are a few things to make it possible:

Pray from the heart

God hears all your prayers but what makes Him smile and really gets His attention is a prayer from the heart. Compare your usual prayers at night from your prayer when your in desperate need. You pray from the heart when you’re in desperate need(sometimes with tears). You can pray from the heart when thanking God or asking for forgiveness.  ‘Lord forgive me for all my sins, thank you for everything today’-This is a prayer usually prayed at night but if you’re sorry for your sins because you know you have hurt or disappointed God that you repent and are willing to turn away from it and you thank Him with joy in your heart is a prayer that will make God smile. Though short, it comes from the heart. Just like a friend you say thank u and sorry, if it’s from the heart your sincerity touches your friend’s heart.

Spend time with Him

You really don’t have to go to the church or start a novena to give time to God. God is everywhere with you. You can reserve 30min.s-1 hour for God by just reading the Bible or just talking to Him freely. You don’t need a problem to talk to God. You can just talk to Him. Like a friend, you can share to God what happened the whole day, though He already knows, God loves spending time with you. Also this strengthens your relationship with Him.

Be honest

God is bored with the same cliche’s you say that you don’t really mean. If you’re angry or you don’t understand Him, tell Him. You are God’s CHILD. Your parents know wouldn’t know what you want if you don’t tell them, same is true with God. Though God knows everything your heart desires, He still wants your full honesty. He wants you to expose your feelings to Him, not hide it. Negative or positive feeling, He wants it. It makes Him smile when you expose your feelings to Him just like how it makes Him happy when you finally expose your sins to Him and not hide it in guilt.

This are the simple things that make God smile. Through this, your relationship with Him grows and that what makes Him even happier. God is our Lord but He also wants to be our friend. Though we can never repay His love with the exact amount, we can make Him smile with our little ways.

Let’s spend every day to make God smile. He did so much in our lives. Let us not live for ourselves. Let us live each day with Him in it. Start with this simple ways until You will see His goodness and know why is He worth it to surrender our lives to.

I have this new dorm mate who is uncivilized. She would play loud music in the early morning, 5am. She has a voice that is very loud, bragging about what she has. She is proud of herself. She would shout and disrespect her mother over the phone. When she bring her friends over she would brag about everything she has again. The worst part is, what she is bragging isn’t even something to be bragged about. Although this must be new to her because she didn’t grew up in the city but bragging about it and belittling others is really irritating. Also, she doesn’t have good manners. She is also proud of the number of boys she is flirting and fucking with. She intentionally shouts everything she say so all the people in our unit could hear it. She wants to be treated as someone highly. The problem is, all of us in the unit are more blessed with a higher type of lifestyle. We are all family-oriented and grew up with civilized type of persons.

As a christian, I find it hard to live with this type of person. Though we have separate rooms, I am always disturbed by her. She is proud of her sinful ways. As much as I hate to plant anger and hatred in my heart, I have no choice. There are times that I would take matter into my own hands, I would let anger drive me and pierce her with my words. While writing the first paragraph the anger was already leaking out.

I kept praying to God. God reminded that I should love my enemies and pray for them. I was like ‘seriously?’. Loving an unlovable and irritating person is almost impossible. He then reminded me that I am blessed with a complete, financially blessed and loving family, she wasn’t.

Days passed it was still useless. I still let anger drive me. How can you love someone in whom you have the urge to punch that person in the face?

One night, I allotted a time to spend with God. The anger was more intense. I hated it because I know I can sin against Him. The words in the Bible didn’t help. I couldn’t do all of it: if someone does evil to you do not exchange it with evil, love and pray for those who persecute you, give love who gives you evil. But this night was different, this time I offered my ears to God:

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. -Romans 12:16

I was about to roll my eyes on the first sentence but the following sentence struck me. I became proud and boast of what I have, not on the Lord.

Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written “It is mine to avenge; I will repay” says the Lord. -Romans 12:19

My heart was cheering and shouting for joy when i read this. But then, I remembered I prayed a long time ago for God to punish them, why didn’t He? I had second thoughts, if God is avenging me, then why can’t I see it. But God is consistent, my faith should not rely on what I see.

With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without a cause.

In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer.

They repay me evil for good, and hatred for my friendship. -Psalm 109:3-5

I was shocked and my eyes were wide open, literally, when i read this. It is precisely what is happening. I continued reading.

Appoint an evil man to oppose him; let an accuser stand at his right hand.

When he is tried, let him be found guilty, and may his prayers condemn him. 

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.

May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes.

May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor.

May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.

May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation.

May the iniquity of  his fathers be remembered before the Lord; may the sin of his mother never be blotted out.

May their sins always remain before the Lord, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth.

For he never thought of doing a kindness, but hounded to death the poor and the needy and the brokenhearted.

He loved to pronounce a curse-may it come on him; he found no pleasure in blessing-may it be far from him.

-Psalm 109:6-17

I was saying ‘yes! yes!’ at the beginning but at the middle part of my reading, mercy has captured my heart. God this is so cruel. But God was serious when He said, He will avenge you. God can do more than this. We may see suffering or punishment as temporary but for God, He can make it permanent not only while you’re living but for eternity.

Our suffering under the arms of the enemy are temporary but the punishment of God to them is permanent. God’s wrath is something to be feared of that our imagination wouldn’t dare to envision. Your enemy is bound for eternal death and is suffering at the same time with the world. Pray for them that God may have a little mercy on them.

Instead of asking God to avenge you, ask Him to save them. Ask God to let them turn to Him.

Battling with religion

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post410Many religions have been rising throughout the ages. Christianity is divided. As the Bible says, Jesus came for division , as prophecized.

Other religions have beliefs and practices that may not be agreed by another religion though all of them are bible-based. If you try to read a verse in the Bible today, and same verse by the next week, God may give you a different interpretations. The Bible verses has hundreds of interpretations depending on what the Holy Spirit will give you and depending if your mind is open which may have caused the war between different religions.

We are a body composed of different parts with different functions. I believe that God is too complex and too far from our level intelligence and human effort that we could not grasp all of God’s teachings in one lifetime. That is why there is division. He have to divide us for His Will and purpose. Jesus came for division, not war between His people. He doesn’t want uniformity but He wants unity.

Different religions wants supremacy and the title of holding the Truth, on how to act, what to wear, what are the correct practices, beliefs and understandings. Sometimes they would talk bad about different religions.

Another effect of religion is that it may mislead them on concentrating more on their good works than God’s grace. People tend to perform more based on their religion, without looking into the reason behind it or even the heart for it. They would pray memorized prayers but their heart is empty, so are their words. God’s blessing and grace does not depend on how you perform so that He will love you. God loves you(period).Others would be very religious but whine why would God bless his/her enemy, why would God give the other non-religious person the job promotion, etc. Since they look more on their performance or good works, not on God and His ways.


Let’s try to erase religion and our differences. What we all have in common is our love for Christ. As He said, Let’s love one another so that they will know that we are His disciples. How i continuously pray and hope with all my heart that religion will not be a hindrance for our unity. May we learn to respect each others religion and concentrate on the love of each believer to God. We have one God and one goal on bringing people closer to Him.

I’m not weird but I love suffering. I’m not a masochist.

God allows you to suffer, not to harm you but to bring you closer to Him.

On circumstances when we feel that the world is crashing in on us, or more and more problems arise; this are the situations when we feel weak and tired trying to carry the burdens of our present situation that you just want to let it all go but you can’t; you know that committing suicide is a sin. We feel tired and weary until we cry out for help from God.


Notice that in situations that we have no control of or on times that we feel hopeless we start praying. It is  our normal reaction because we admit that we are limited and there is someone more powerful than us, God, that is why you start calling out to Him.

By lifting your burden to God, your faith for Him and trust in His power grows for He is your only hope.

Through suffering we see God’s power

When you fully lift your burden to Him, be excited on what miracle He will do. Pray and believe that it shall be given to you. Stay still and do not let be a


hindrance on God’s plan. Others would say ‘I lifted it up to Him’ but would continue worrying and relying on their own plans and strengths to fix their situation. Continue praying and wait for God’s instructions, if He didn’t give you one, then stay still and remember that He is God.

The more we suffer, the more vulnerable and sensitive we are, the more will God let you see His power in a way that you never saw or noticed before. It can change the way you see the world. For example, what you consider luck is actually God’s blessing to you, His grace, letting you know that He still loves you though you sin against Him.

Suffering molds us

In the midst of suffering, we are restless and impatient. When we rely on God and allow Him to teach us, we will find peace and rest in it. When we suffer, we are in pain which makes us impatient, but God wants to teach you to be patient. The longer your patience, the higher you build your trust. Impatience drain your trust for Him. Being restless and making your own solutions makes you a hindrance for God’s plan. What God wants you to do is rest in Him and rely on Him.

When will the suffering end?

It never will. Jesus Christ suffered not only on the cross but every day of His life. Jesus Christ took the form of being a man. He faced what you are facing right now. God let His one and only Son suffer, which makes us not excusable for an exception. The only way it can end is when God has judged you to spend eternity in heaven.

Suffering alone or Suffering with God?

We encounter different sufferings in our life: physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, etc. But wouldn’t it be greater to suffer with someone. We can suffer with God. By suffering alone you gain loneliness, hatred, anger, and all that leads to eternal death. But by suffering with God, you gain friendship, trust, stronger faith and love, peace, rest, and many more that can lead you to eternal life.

IMG00496-20130224-0002IMG00497-20130224-0002IMG00500-20130224-0004 IMG00526-20130224-0014IMG00539-20130224-0018 My spiritual sister, thirzah, and I were going through some of her stuffs in her messy room. We suddenly found an eye liner. A crazy idea came and we started drawing mustaches and laughed at each other. Later my room mate found some jackets and we started having our fun photos inside her apartment.

We all have our best friends, but what about a spiritual sister? Everybody thinks that a spiritual sister is someone you just talk to about spiritual stuffs or a church mate, just that. Wrong! A spiritual sister is someone whom you grow together with Christ. Not only will she protect, guide and pray for you; but be your sister. She can be someone in whom you can share your true ‘you’ .

Just like blood sisters, a spiritual sister is someone who knows you and loves you like a true sister. You have your crazy fun times with her, go out for a coffee, shop, dine or just get to know each other more. By knowing your spiritual sister more, your bond becomes closer and closer until you become a team, with one Master, God, fighting darkness and helping each other grow.

Satan has a lot of weapons to destroy you, but having a sister who will be with you in battle makes it harder for him. Imagine a broom stick, one stick can be easily broken by force but a collection of sticks makes it harder and impossible to break.

Spiritual sisters grow together in Christ, pray for each other, love each other and goes into battle together against the powers of darkness. It is a bond that lasts forever.