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God’s grace and blessings in our life is overflowing. Though we ignore His words and commandments, He continues to bless us.

Remember when you did something really bad then you see the consequence Non-Jewish-Blue-eyed-Jesuscoming closer and closer, then you prayed so hard to God to let you off-the-hook and if He will, you will attend the mass every day, pray every night, be good to your parents, etc. but after God granted it, you only did your promise for a few days until every other day, until you forgot about it. On your next problem, God is still there. Though you ignore and reject Him, He continues to love you. He is always there for you, to comfort, forgive and bless. Wouldn’t it be great to make God smile once in a while? Here are a few things to make it possible:

Pray from the heart

God hears all your prayers but what makes Him smile and really gets His attention is a prayer from the heart. Compare your usual prayers at night from your prayer when your in desperate need. You pray from the heart when you’re in desperate need(sometimes with tears). You can pray from the heart when thanking God or asking for forgiveness.  ‘Lord forgive me for all my sins, thank you for everything today’-This is a prayer usually prayed at night but if you’re sorry for your sins because you know you have hurt or disappointed God that you repent and are willing to turn away from it and you thank Him with joy in your heart is a prayer that will make God smile. Though short, it comes from the heart. Just like a friend you say thank u and sorry, if it’s from the heart your sincerity touches your friend’s heart.

Spend time with Him

You really don’t have to go to the church or start a novena to give time to God. God is everywhere with you. You can reserve 30min.s-1 hour for God by just reading the Bible or just talking to Him freely. You don’t need a problem to talk to God. You can just talk to Him. Like a friend, you can share to God what happened the whole day, though He already knows, God loves spending time with you. Also this strengthens your relationship with Him.

Be honest

God is bored with the same cliche’s you say that you don’t really mean. If you’re angry or you don’t understand Him, tell Him. You are God’s CHILD. Your parents know wouldn’t know what you want if you don’t tell them, same is true with God. Though God knows everything your heart desires, He still wants your full honesty. He wants you to expose your feelings to Him, not hide it. Negative or positive feeling, He wants it. It makes Him smile when you expose your feelings to Him just like how it makes Him happy when you finally expose your sins to Him and not hide it in guilt.

This are the simple things that make God smile. Through this, your relationship with Him grows and that what makes Him even happier. God is our Lord but He also wants to be our friend. Though we can never repay His love with the exact amount, we can make Him smile with our little ways.

Let’s spend every day to make God smile. He did so much in our lives. Let us not live for ourselves. Let us live each day with Him in it. Start with this simple ways until You will see His goodness and know why is He worth it to surrender our lives to.